Lesson types

We have lessons to suite every age and riding ability and pride ourselves on catering for the clients’ needs.

Assessment Lesson

All new clients are required to have an Assessment Lesson first. This is essentially a 30 minute private lesson but charged at an introductory rate. This first lesson is to assess the client’s riding ability, allowing the instructor to advise on the next step, be it a suitable group, private or lunge lessons.

Private Lessons

Private lessons can be tailored towards the beginner or the advanced rider. They can be used to start with the very basics or to prepare the client for joining group lessons. As this is a one-to-one basis, clients can also use these lessons to work on specific aspects of their riding ie; certain dressage moves.

Lunge Lessons

Like private lessons, lunge lessons can benefit both beginners and advanced riders. As the instructor has control of the horse from the bridle- lunge lessons are used to work on the rider’s seat and position in the saddle and is a good way to practice no-stirrup work for all abilities.

Group Lessons

We have group lessons to suite most ages and abilities that run throughout the week and weekend. Group lessons last for 1 hour and usually consist of no more than 8 riders.

Stable Management / Equine Lecture

We offer Stable Management lesson for those looking to learn how to look after and care for horses as well as riding. A lot of people are interested in furthering their horse knowledge and we can offer lessons and lectures starting from the very basics to more advanced aspects of horse care.

Lead Round

A lead round is simply a 30 minute session of being led on a horse/pony by a member of staff. They can be used as a ‘taster’ for young children who have never sat on a pony before so they can get a feel for it. We also provide lead rounds for disabled riders as it is a relaxed ride with no tuition.

Jumping & Flatwork

Private and group lesson can be geared towards jumping or flatwork specifically. Simply have a chat with your instructor regarding suitability and specify when booking your lesson.


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