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14hh Chestnut Gelding

Billy is often used for beginner and novice teens and small adults but also works well for more advanced riders.  Unfortunately Billy is not used for jump lessons anymore but he still does his bit in the school, also taking part in school groups and occasional Pony Parties.  He loves playing with his buddy Pearly when turned out.

Big G

15.3hh Black Gelding

Big G has gained many fans since joining us in 2016.  He has been taking part in local riding club activities and is brilliant to hack.  Although his jumping in the school is improving all the time, he has really excelled at cross country and sponsored rides!


15hh Black Welsh Cob


15.1hh Bay ConniexTB Gelding – Working Livery


16.2hh Bay Sport Horse Gelding


15.2hh Bay Gelding

Cruise used to be a livery but now belongs to CEC, and we are glad to have him!  He is excellent for beginner and novice riders but can work well for the more experienced rider.  His canter work is improving as he gets schooled every week.  He is very honest when jumping and takes clients hacking on a weekly basis.  He is has a sweet nature and is very easy to deal with on the ground.  Cruise is a very welcome addition to the CEC family.


14.2hh Black Cob Mare – Working Livery



16.1hh Skewbald Gelding

George is adored by staff and clients alike.  He is used for all rider abilities from beginners to advanced and is excellent to lunge.  He has a calm, sweet nature and is a pleasure to handle on the ground.  He looks after beginners but will do more when asked from the better rider in both flatwork and in the jump school.  George LOVES banana skins.


17hh Strawberry Roan Gelding

Joey is a big horse with an even bigger heart! he is a young horse but has shown that he is willing to learn and tries hard.  He is improving all the time with his flatwork and is often used as a hack escort.  Staff, helpers and clients have a soft spot for Joey who has a very sweet nature and loves a cuddle!

Little Dolly

12hh Grey Mare

Little Dolly is a firm favourite with many of our younger riders.  She is great for kids coming off the lead rope as well as taking part in Kids Clubs and Pony Parties.  She is best buddies with Polo and can sometimes be heard calling out to her across the yard.

Little Lou Lou

13hh Strawberry Roan Mare

Little Lou Lou is used for the more confident, experienced children as she is quite forward going.  She works well in groups as well as private lessons and has proven to be more than capable in the jump school, even excelling at cross country.


14.3hh Skewbald Gelding – Working Livery

Pearly is very popular with many of our clients, both adults and children.  Pearly is a fantastic all rounder proving a safe ride on the flat, jumping, hacking and cross country.  He looks after the novice rider but can step up when he is asked more of.  He has a very sweet nature and loves playing with his field mate Billy.


12.3hh Grey Mare

Polo has been with CEC for many years now and has helped so many children learn to ride and build their confidence.  She is excellent to lunge and is great for kids who are off the lead rein and riding independently.  As well as private lessons, Polo also takes part in Kids Club and Pony Parties with her best friend Little Dolly.


16.2hh Blagdon Mare

Promise is one of our working liveries.  She is a great (and very popular) all rounder who has helped many clients improve their riding.  She is forward but sensible and is a great confidence giver, especially in the jump school.  She is often used for days ride away from home and excels at cross country giving the rider an energetic yet safe ride.


15.3hh Bay Gelding

Rascal is a recent addition to working livery and is used for more experienced riders.  He is very well schooled and is used for flatwork lessons and as a safe hack escort.  He is becoming very popular with many of our clients.


16hh Bay Mare

Ruby came from a racing background but unfortunately it was not for her.  But, the racing world’s loss was our gain as she is very popular with many of our clients!  She can work well on the flat and has excelled at jumping.  She has also proven herself at cross country.  Ruby has another string to her bow, proving to be a natural in front of the camera.  She has appeared in a number of adverts for betting companies and is not phased by indoor studios, big rig lighting or even full green screen studios!


13.2hh Chestnut Mare

You will usually find Sandy taking part in Kids Clubs and Pony Parties, but for the better rider she can offer so much more.  She is good to lunge, works nicely on the flat and can really jump when asked.  She regularly attends Pony Club Camp and has even been Pony Racing at Ascot!


16.1hh Chestnut Sport Horse Gelding


13.2hh Coloured Pony Mare

Trixie is the newest member of our pony herd, and she’s fitted into life here on the yard as if she was always a part of it. A lovely friendly face, and the cutest little neigh, Trixie has swiftly become a favourite of both smaller adults, and children alike!



16.2hh Skewbald Gelding

Harvey is great in the school for beginner and novice adults and bigger teens, helping build confidence in those early days with his calm and quiet nature.  He is safe and steady out hacking and is very popular for day rides.  Although he will never be a showjumper, Harvey does the odd jump lesson in the school and is used every year for the Pent Up pentathlon.  Harvey shines the most at cross country and sponsored rides and gives a good, safe jump over timber.


16hh Dark Bay Mare

Secret was once one of our riding school horses but is now privately owned.  But, much to the delight of many of our clients, is still on working livery.  She is used for more experienced riders for flatwork and jumping.  She works well on the flat and is a great confidence giver in the jump school.  She is sometimes used for cross country but more often taken by her new owner who is loving taking her out and about.


14.3hh Piebald Cob Mare

Big Duke

17hh Gelding

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