Prices from April 2021

Our prices are based on a peak or off peak period defined as follows:

  • Off Peak – Before 5pm Monday – Friday
  • Peak – After 5pm Monday – Friday, Weekends and Bank Holidays.

Assessment Lesson
30 Min (private/semi)£30£35
45 Min Private£40£50
45 Min Semi Private£35£40
1hr Group (4 or More)£35£45
30 Min Private Lesson£40£45
30 Minute Jump Lesson£45£50
30 Min Semi Private lesson£35£40
45 Min Private Lesson£50£60
45 Minute Jump Lesson£58£68
45 Min Semi Private lesson£40£50
1 Hr Private Lesson£70£85
1 Hr Jump lesson£80£90
1 Hr Semi Private lesson£60£70
1 Hr Group Lesson£35£43
1 Hr Group Jump Lesson£40£50
30 Min Stable Management£30£40
30 Min Private Lesson£45£55
30 Min Semi Private lesson£40£48
30 Minute Jump lesson£50£60
45 Min Private Lesson£60£70
45 Minute Jump Lesson£68£73
45 Min Semi Private lesson£55£65
1 Hr Private Lesson£80£90
1 Hr Jump Lesson£90£100
1 Hr Semi Private lesson£70£80
1 Hr Semi Private Jump Lesson£80£90
1 Hr Group Lesson£40£45
1 Hr Group Jump Lesson£50£55
30 Min Private Lesson£50£60
30 Minute Jump lesson£55£65
30 Min Semi Private lesson£45£55
45 Min Private Lesson£62£80
45 Minute Jump Lesson£70£88
45 Min Semi Private lesson£55£65
1 Hr Private Lesson£80£100
1 Hr Jump Lesson£90£110
1 Hr Semi Private lesson£70£80
1 Hr Group lesson£45£50
1 Hr Group Jump Lesson£50£55
1 Hr£40£50
1.5 Hr£55£65
2 Hr£70£90
3 Hr£100£135

** For private hacks taken by an instructor, there will be a surcharge as follows:

1 hour hack – £10 Per Rider

1.5 hour hack – £15 Per Rider

2 hour hack – £20 Per Rider


We accept cash or cheque only. No credit or debit cards.


In advance payments

We offer discounts for advanced payments.

  • 5% – You pay £237.50 and we will credit your account with £250.00
  • 10% – You pay £450.00 and we will credit your account with £500.00
*Advance payments are valid for 2 years from receipt of payment.  If credit cannot be used within the 2 years, a refund can be made with a deducted admin fee*

Gift vouchers are available via the office and make ideal presents for birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries.

***Gift Vouchers are non-refundable.  Advanced payments are non-refundable while valid (2 years)***


For new clients it takes just a few minutes for us to register and book you in.
Once that's done you're good to go and we can book you in to future lessons and save your slot.
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